Paint the city red with a Russian escort

Are you a newbie in London and feel lonely? If yes, there is no need for panic because, at times, it is normal to feel lonely when you have no company, more so in this big city. But the good news is that you are not going to spend your time in this glaring city alone because several beautiful hot babes from the far east are there to give you company. Just like other high profile people like you, you can as well consider hiring an escort whenever it pleases you. Why spend your vacation lonely when there are plenty of Russian hot girls ready to offer you quality moments and services together?

Oriental escorts are quite flexible and can fit in any of your busy business schedules. They are understanding and ready to listen to you at any time. If you have nothing to do in this “earthy paradise,” don’t hesitate to take an oriental escort for blast moments. Despite the distance between the east and London, oriental escorts retain their values and respect for all. They are hospitable, and satisfying you is their pleasure. So, why can’t you paint the city red with a Russian hot girl? Getting one is just as simple as visiting any of London’s high-class escort agencies and selecting a picturesque that meets your desire and is sure to have your inner man fully satisfied.

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As you walk around this epitome of beauty, don’t forget to gravitate through the dazzling hotspots of this town for maximum fun. These hotspots are painted red with Russia’s dazzling hot girls, and you will find everything you need at just a glance. To get the best East London escort, ensure you visit a top agency website and brown for a hot girl of your choice.

My escort escapade

April 4th , 2020.

The past few weeks have been dull. The agency has stilled. No calls. No communication. It seems to be the off-peak season in East London. My clients shied from coming, kept away by the chilly winter. These Londoners are very traditional and hold high the value of family. Boredom is starting to get to me but I’d blame it on the weather. I’m thinking I should take up French lessons online. I figured being in the trade, I should learn the language of love and more importantly score the French clientele.

Something special happened today. So, the agency called me about a particular guest. I hadn’t met this client before going through my previous bookings. I was baffled but excited by the opportunity to meet this client. I was psyched to give my A game. Who knew where this would go?

He sends me a dress for the night delivered by his driver. It bore a special note addressing me. ‘ Dinner at 8. Can’t wait to see you in that dress’. I’m eager to see what the night holds. Dressed and ready to go, his driver picks me in a luxury INFINITI sports car. Things were really going well.

I met him and my heart sunk. It was Clifford, I know him all too well. I met Cliff in my first year in college. I was head over heels for this guy. It was maybe something to do with his sharp unwavering gaze, his musky cologne or how he towers above me. But Clifford didn’t feel the same way about me. He loved but he was looking for the ideal wife, the submissive home-maker. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t cut out for that boring life. But for Cliff, I entertained the thought. I was going to quit the escort business in Moscow but I went all the way to East London!

I peeled my eyes on Cliff . He had grown more handsome he seemed withdrawn and quiet. We ate in silence as the tension stiffened. He didn’t comment on the dress! Maybe I jinxed the night with excitement.

We left the Russian restaurant and proceeded to his hotel room. He was occupying the presidential suite in a high end hotel in East London. I was struggling to concentrate but then I wasn’t set on screwing up a potential cash-cow, so I had to be spectacular tonight. I nudged myself to stay focused. So, I slipped into something raunchier and enticing demanding his gaze and attention. I started with one of the erotic, sensual lap dances id learnt from Amira prompting him with soft, mild touches on his thighs. And he started to respond to me. There it was, the bump forming around the groin. It was at this moment that he said, “Don’t be an escort tonight, be you, Kira.”

We made love that night. He was so gentle and loving, I can’t recall ever being so genuinely wanted, ever in my life. The sex was fierce, passionate and intense, probably because it was long overdue. We went several rounds and engaged in intense foreplay, teasing and pleasing each other. Worn-out from lovemaking, we cuddled up in bed and that was when he finally opened up. He told me of how life was good to him, that he founded a successful tech startup just two years ago. He got married to a beautiful woman and that they bore three kids together. He says that his wife never touches him or looks at him anymore. I was curious why and he gave me a shocking answer. She believes that sex is for procreation while recreational sex was just straight out sinful. Terrible, right?

Tonight, was the first time he hired an escort, and he felt guilty nonetheless. He wanted her to be me. I genuinely sympathized with him ,so we exchanged contacts. I told him to find me when he needed some love.

The next morning, I got up to find Cliff had left already. By the bedside, he left a pack of notes in a big envelope. It amounted to 2500 euros. Glowing from within, I knew I’d hit the jackpot this time.

My Dating Life as an Escort Has Never Been Easy

Most people wonder what an escort’s life is really like, what type of man is a typical client, and whether it is possible to have a relationship when working as an escort? Well, dating and relationships are challenging for everybody. However, it’s trickier when you are an escort. I am an escort dating people for cash, and it’s great. However, it has made dating a civilian very tough.

To start with, this is not the career I expected to have. I grew up in east London, went to private school, taken music lessons; I should perhaps be in a more respectable career like a teacher or a scientist. But life can have unexpected turns. I always felt interested in sex work. The notion that we ladies could use our sex appeal to make money. Later, when I went into college in London as a student and was struggling to get by, a friend of mine gave me the idea of making cash by being an escort, which I highly qualified for due to my sexy body with a rare Russian height. I even called several of the escort agencies listed in the yellow pages but ended up joining the London escorts agency.

Since then, I have met hundreds of clients in London, most of who are 25-45, well-groomed, well-dressed, very good-mannered, well-educated mostly, business people, hedge fund managers, lawyers, and CEOs. Some clients want you to act like a fiancée for hire, take you to eateries, business trips, and hotel dates, while others are exclusive secretive and only want to satisfy their sexual fetishes such as massage, dominance anal, and blowjob. I have slept with Italian, Russian, Spanish, and English and African clients.

Dating as an escort is tough and requires enforcing strict boundaries and professionalism. When servicing a client, it’s always our job to fulfill a fantasy, making it hard to know whether a client has feelings for you or the fantasy. It was sometimes difficult for me to play a loving and fun girlfriend but cannot get emotionally attached to a client I get a crush on. I became an escort for money, which I have earned in plenty, worn expensive clothes, and live a lavish life, but back in my house, I often feel lonely. We are more than our profession, and we also love and want to be loved genuinely.

Sometimes while still escorting, I have met some clients who made me rethink the possibilities further than the standard escort-customer connection. Unfortunately, dating clients is no go-zone in this industry. For civilian dating, the disclosure instant is all the time difficult to traverse. Do I tell them I work as an escort before or after we meet and what will be the response like? Unluckily, we are in a society where sex work is still denounced. I have told dates that I am an escort and showing intentions to initiate a long-term relationship instead of just hooking-up, but they end up to fetishize my occupation as an escort and be inaptly erotic.

When men inquire if I am single, I respond yes because it’s the truth. But am dating men for an hourly rate of $200 per hour. I am their girlfriend, lover, and fantasy for the time they will pay me. I create a link with them and later go away from their existence. I am single if you are dating me for an amount of cash, and later we part ways. For me, dating is a tricky monstrous, regardless if it’s for a limited time or a lifespan, especially for us, escorts. But I still hope to meet a guy who will love me genuinely without being judgmental based on my work.

Making dating Fun and Fruitful in a Relationship

London is a promising city, and one can definitely achieve their dreams there. At times, dating can get a bad blow. Most of us get mentally exhausted overthinking the outcome of a date, thus, forgetting to enjoy the entire experience. Through this post, we hope to spare you some tears as well as years of dragging yourself through the dating process without joy. Here are several ways you can make a date fun and fruitful.

Drop expectations

If you demand that your date shows up in a particular way, it is definite that you will miss the opportunity to take pleasure in what is in front of you. Getting clear on what your date must have and identifying what your deal breakers are is essential. However, it is crucial to be open to possibilities.

Aim at having fun no matter what

The main objective of this date is to find a wife/ husband! This is the kind of pressure many people in London have. Keeping it light can make dating more fun since it is where the gush gets flowing.

Engage in each date aiming at leaning something about you

No date is terrible when you focus on development. During dates, take nothing personally and allow each experience to make you a better person.

Avoid over-analyzing

Is it necessary for your friends to know how your date is going on? When your partner rushes to the bathroom after the first drink, you should sit tight without having to update your friends on anything. In other words, let things unfold between both of you without the opinion of outsiders clouding your own.

Make the time prior to your date amazing

Doing whatever it takes to be in a perfect mindset before your date is vital. In case you drag yourself through a dull and listless day, you will take that unpleasant energy on your date. Therefore, you should participate in activities that will ensure you feel happy and confident before your date.

Ideas for a first date in London

Dating is one of the things that most people always fear. More so, when one is new in the town or has never been exposed to a dating site before, it becomes more difficult to talk to ladies. In London, dating is one of the most comfortable things that should not give you a headache; you only need to have the courage and go to an event where you can enjoy the date. Your relationship will always be determined by how much you offer to your first date. This is why you need to have great ideas on how you should carry on your first date in London.

You need to visit one of the best restaurants in London that will make you and your partner happy. Let her enjoy the day and see how responsible you are. You need to identify the best restaurant that will leave her amazed. Give her a surprise and make sure you ask for the best meal in London since many types of food exist. Also, ensure that the date restaurant have a love like theme that will see her love the venue and what you have to tell her.

Be excited about the day, and learn to show your partner that you are happy being with her. There are those people who ruin their first date since they focus on complaining about the food or even the arrangement of the chairs or the food. In London, focus on the positive side of you and let your partner learn that you appreciate most of the things. Show her that you care and make the day as exciting as your wedding night. Let your partner be excited too, and enjoy the meal together.

Visit the most beautiful places in the area where your partner had not visited in the past. A place where nature is in control and gives the best experience. In these places, you will always love what you see more, so with a person, you will be ready to walk this life together. Nature is one of the best experiences in London that will help you enjoy your first date.

Why Choose A High Class Escort In London

Gone are the days when you had to stick to a similar routine when you visit London for a business trip or a vacation. You don’t have to be a lone during the dinners and evening walks. You can now raise your standards and be among the admired people by hiring services of a high class escort in London.
These ladies have been trained to take care of you and also offer private entertainment services. So whether you are looking for a lady in central London for social engagement to get your noticed by the right people then this is what you should go for.
You may also be looking for someone to simply relieve you off the stressful and busy life of London. Whichever the reason, you can hire a high class London escort to have an unforgettable time. But the word “high” doesn’t come that easy, you have to make sacrifices especially if you are working within a tight budget.

When you pay a visit to central London, you will notice that this popular city is home to escorts who are luxurious, talented and well-educated. They have earned the name ‘high-class’ because they have been trained to handle high-profile clients. These are the same ladies you will find in the most admired industries such as fashion, business or modelling. So what are some of the services you should expect when you consult a London high class escort? Here is a look.
One thing that makes this type of escorts stand out is due to the fact that they offer first class service with style and demand. London is a city where the high society have the last say. These ladies understand how to associate gracefully in such settings. They are self-driven and believe in discretion. You can always meet them in the VIP area if you want to. The fact that they will offer clients their services for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week makes them the best. So the fun should never stop.
Most clients don’t want a messy inefficient relationship entanglements or mental distractions to get in the way of their successful careers. This is why high class London escorts are the most preferred. They are well-trained and experience to only keep it professional. Not only do they offer a girlfriend experience but are flexible for special requests to make your fantasies become a reality.

If you are in London for a vacation and planning to visit the various parts of the city then you should get yourself a high class escort. They are always ready to go on long trips with their clients. In fact, those who have worked up to the rank of being professional love travelling with their clients.
Most men who travel do it because they have been enclosed in the cycle of rejection and so they want to break free. If this is your reason for traveling to London then you should get yourself a high class escort. And something that makes them the most ideal for a beginner is because they will teach you how to handle a new lady.